Active Ace

Supercharge Your Tone

The culmination of decades of guitar modification experience, Active Ace is our proprietary active pickup system that delivers incredible power, killer tones, and sophisticated practicality. Installing Active Ace is a dream hot-rod makeover for any guitar or bass elevating your tone to the next level.  

The Pick-ups

One Pick-up to Rule Them All…

Your tone still starts with your guitar, but recent advances in modeling DSP have started to change the way we think about pickups. 

We recognize that today’s players are seeking that ability to radically transform the source signal of their guitar or bass. But, expensive modeling amps or laptops running software are not practical options for everybody.  

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple; hide all that complexity under the hood, and go with just a guitar, your pedalboard, and a great amp. 

That’s why we created the Active Ace pickup system, to harness the transformative power of source tone selection inside the instrument, right at your fingertips…where it should be

Multiple Tonal Character Disorder

Your Active Ace pickup system can we switched into three modes with distinct tonal characters.

Fat:A smooth frequency response that’s consistent all the way from punchy warm lows to searing crystal highs – a really ‘present’ tone that’s strongly characteristic of active pickups. 
Vintage:The authentic sound of vintage passive pickups, perfect for dialing in the elusive tones of retro boutique guitars. 
Bright:The clear and brilliant sound of new strings – any time, any where. An ideal source for clean and chimey tones. 

Tap Your Tone Without Losing Output

A coil tap can be used on any pickup to give a lower output level, a technique that has long been used to turn humbuckers into single coils, or to reproduce the low output tone of vintage pickups.

The Active Ace system keeps all of the tonal contrast advantages of coil tapping but solves the issue of lower output levels. When switching to single coil, the overall circuit output level is automatically compensated to match the humbucker output level.  


Having a clean boost in your signal path is really useful when you need to drive a hotter signal through your effects chain or amp.  The Active Ace circuitry incorporates a 6dB power boost that is applied to the full frequency range of the output signal. This is not a mid range or scoop booster.  When you want to push into the red and melt the faces off your bandmates, flick on the boost, it’s a way of life.

Power That Will Not Fail You

Active Ace is a highly-efficient low-power consumption circuit that provides more than 1200 hours playing time for a two pickup system, and more than 800 hours for a three pickup system. Active Ace includes our Battery Remaining Indicator circuit (BRI) to let you know when you should replace your battery. This circuit works completely independently from the active pickup circuit and operates for only 5 seconds after you insert your cable into the guitar’s jack input.  

The BRI uses the color of an illuminating LED for 3 seconds to indicate the battery power status:  

More than 8.8 volts. 
8.8 to 8.5 volts; Indicates that battery change will be required soon. 
Under 8.0 volts; Please replace the battery as soon as possible. The Active Ace circuitry will still work normally. 

Active Ace Guitar Humbucker Pickup 

Active Ace Guitar Single Coil Pickup 

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Active Ace Bass Humbucker Pickup 

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Active Ace Bass Single Coil Pickup