Direct Ace DI-1

Capture Your Tone

The Direct Ace DI-1 is an all-analog, studio quality active direct box. Designed using audiophile grade components, the DI-1 captures the complete tonal character of your instrument. It’s the perfect partner for your studio and stage performances.

Direct Ace DI-1

The Direct Ace DI-1 uses the best audiophile components available to ensure purity of tone transfer. Play and record with confidence.



The superior pre-amplifier section of the DI-1 is designed to generate a stronger output signal with higher input impedance, but without adding noise or compromising the tonal integrity of your source signal.

The DI-1 is tonally transparent in your signal chain and really works to boost low-impedance source signals.

The DI-1 is an active direct box that is powered by a battery or phantom power source connected to the balanced XLR output. The DI-1 panel has two LEDs to indicate which power source (BATT, PHAN) is being used.

The ATT switch on the DI-1 is used to attenuate the incoming signal by -20dB or -40dB, a really useful option when receiving signals from high output instruments such as active bass guitars or synthesizers.

The PHASE switch on the DI-1 panel switches the hot (positive) pin of the XLR output between pin 2 and pin 3. This can be used to correct the phase of signals from certain pieces of equipment and also helps to reduce the possibility of feedback.

The GND switch on the DI-1 panel is used engage a ground lift that can solve the problem of hum and noise resulting from ground loops. Switching to LIFT disconnects the internal ground connection between input and output.

  • INPUT: Instrument input.
  • UNBALANCED OUT: Connect a TS cable between this output and a corresponding unbalanced input on a mixer or audio interface.
  • BALANCED OUT: A balanced XLR output. Connect this output to a corresponding balanced XLR or TRS input on a preamp, mixer or audio interface.