Fuzz Master IV

A Legend Evolved

The original Ace Tone Fuzz Masters of the 60s and 70s are iconic pedals that inspired a generation of rock musicians with their incredible power and tone. Now the Fuzz Master is back with a bang! – not as some nostalgic recreation, but as a full-bloodied 21st century evolution that struts its fuzzy stuff with an abundance of heavy tonal attitude. Do you want to melt the faces off your audience? Go ahead…we dare you.

The Fuzz Master IV pedal features all-analog design built with premium audiophile components. That classic Fuzz Master tone is still there for all fans of the original, but the IV takes things to the next level by delivering epic tonal shapeshifting possibilities. 

Two switchable fuzz voices, a shape knob to dial in rich octave harmonics, plus a tone control that tilts the EQ filter in two radical directions – Fasten your seatbelts fuzz masters we are going all the way up! 

The Fuzz Master IV conforms to our SOS (Simple Operating System) approach – what you see is what you get, and what you hear just blows your mind! 

ON/OFF Switch 

True bypass ensures the your signal passes transparently through the pedal when it’s off – but why would you ever turn it off? 


The circuit can be switched between two distinct fuzz modes: a ‘bright’ mode for an all-out psychedelic assault on the senses, and a ‘dark’ mode for when you want to open the metal gates to Valhalla.  


Controls the output level of the FM-IV 


Controls the amount of fuzz and distortion. Add a little to give your tone a  touch of warm crispiness, or add a lot and let it your tone burn through solid rock 


Controls the amount of octave harmonics added to the signal. This really fattens your fuzz tone to the extent that a single note feels like weapon in your hand. 


The EQ tilt tone control works in two ways when turned from the 12 o’clock position. Turn it left and the EQ tilt boosts the low end while filtering out high frequencies. Turn it to the right and higher frequencies are boosted while the low end is cut. This can help you dial in some really shredded tones!